Orgometry Wins 3 Awards at 2017 BMA Lantern Awards

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Orgometry Wins 3 Awards at the 2017 BMA Lantern Awards

Orgometry Wins Three Awards at the 2017 BMA Lantern Awards

Orgometry, a purpose-built marketing agency in Houston, took home three Awards of Excellence at the Houston Business Marketing Association’s 2017 Lantern Awards in its first year of business.

Orgometry achieved these awards for their work in Branding and sales-enablement tools.

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Creepy Crawlies: All About Search Engine Optimization

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Creepy Crawlies: All About Search-Engine Spiders

Orgometry, a premier Houston marketing agency, says spiders crawl your website to index it with relevant keywords and searches

Not all spiders that exist are terrible, repugnant things; Jumping Spiders are adorable, harmless, and just want to eat bugs, and Daddy Longlegs are chill toward humans as long as they have a corner to spin their web. Digital Spiders are no exception. These online Spiders travel the Web and just want to index your website to the best of their ability and make you relevant.

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